For me, memory is a lifelong imperative

Fritz Grünbaum (cabaret artist, director and actor, born 1880 in Brno, died 1941 in Dachau concentration camp)

Competition procedure confirmed by the city council

In a meeting on June 16, 2022, Leipzig City Council approved the procedural proposal consisting of the expert council results, which have been submitted by the Foundation Peaceful Revolution.

Damit kann die Umsetzung des Wettbewerbsverfahren planmässig weitergehen.

Inzwischen hat nun das Wettbewerbsbüro [phase eins] die Arbeit aufgenommen, das die Stiftung Friedliche Revolution bei der Auslobung des Künstlerischen Realisierungswettbewerbs im März 2024 unterstützt – und  bei der Besetzung einer Wettbewerbsjury, die den Siegerentwurf im Oktober 24 auswählen wird.

What are the conditions the monument in Leipzig needs to fulfill?

The competition criteria for the Freedom and Unity Monument in Leipzig were carefully developed in January and February 2022 by a council of experts with relevant experience. This panel included:

In its report, the expert panel recommends a multi-stage procedure for the artistic competition

– outlining three essential goals:

  1. an artistically contemporary design of the monument that does justice to its national significance and its international appeal.
  2. a visual language that is comprehensible to Leipzig's urban society and its guests, both today and in the future.
  3. the creative, functional and urbanistic interlocking of the monument and the newly emerging quarter around Leipzig's Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz.

Through dialogue with the citizens the Foundation Peaceful Revolution would like to develop the contents which the monument embodies and which the competition entries are to be based on.

Dates for public talks and discussions on the topic can be found under News